Bola tangkas are the poker game with an Indonesian style twist; it is also known as Indonesia poker or Tangkas net. In spite of other card games being played, the most popular one remains Bola Tangkas. Today, the online version of such game has also become very popular.


Here are some of the reasons for its popularity –

About the game

  • Unlike common poker played around the world, Bola tangkas is a casino game using total seven cards that are dealt to each player to generate the highest card combination based on five-card draw poker and by tossing out two other cards.
  • The player who creates the highest combination is considered as a winner.It is played on an on a computerized console system.


  • Bola tangkas became famous in Indonesia during the 1980s. It became popular because it was much easier to access and people found it less intimidating than playing poker live.
  • There was a splurge in using a computerized version of the game in the casinos.

Developments over time

  • Bola tangkas machines enjoy its predominance and popularity on the gaming floors of land-based casinos. There are different machines to offer lower coin denominations and different payouts.
  • Bola Tangkas has grown into a type of video poker in the developing online version, and it is available in online format.


Playing online

  • The rewarding game of bola tangkas has become popular through globalization and has multitudes of committed players in Indonesia. Availability in the online form has increased the popularity and competition.
  • Transferring the amount in one of the bola tangkas machines and hitting deal icon can get you started.

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