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Poker is a universal casino game popularly played socially to win pennies to hundreds of dollars. Like all other card games to win in poker games, you need massive luck, ample skill and experience to play the strategies following the simple rules of playing poker.

You need to understand all the poker odds, which have to be dealt while the game is in progress. The winning strategy lies in understanding the odds and implying the tactics and bag full of luck. For More Information about poker online android ios, please check


Here are few poker odds you need to know:

  • Games like ‘Seven to one’

In this, a bet includes 7: 1. In simple terms, you are offered 7 times money, if you win and you pay the opponent player 1, if you lose of the currency decided. The only difficulty is that you need to calculate the chances of the other player winning. This kind of game is sure to get you more money and less to lose. Only drawback is the opponent has surety to win while placing such bet.

  • Pot odds:

Many skilled players generally quit when they feel that it isn’t their lucky day as they are losing continuously. Strategies reflects that to win jackpots in simple poker games need you to continue as winning amount will be much larger than loosing amount.


Many players are confused when they sense that the opposing party is betting double the money you are ready to bet, means they have better hands of cards. Sometimes in real casinos, you may not even know how much amount the opponent has preferred.  It is all guess work. When a hand is played, you can easily calculate the cards present in opponent’s hand.

To know more about odds and the way to play poker for larger stake, you can always take help of new modified apps like poker online android iOS.

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