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In the game of poker, usually everybody bluffs to a certain extent. Even if the player has a good or a bad hand, bluffing is the common thread to every hand drawn in the game of poker. Just because you cannot actually see your opponent’s hands does not mean that you cannot tell or anticipate what kind of cards he has.


Poker is all about strategies and it is important to know as many strategies you can to win a game. Here are some of the most common online poker tells a player must know. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • The timing –

The timing in an online gambling in Indonesia is very important. As a player you can anticipate your opponent’s hand by the timing of his decision making. If you opponent checks out his cards quickly it can mean either of two things- he has a very good hand and is very confident and do not want to show any weakness to other or has a horrible hand and is looking forward to get over with the game. the next step in this tell is that if the player has a good hand he will re raise and try to get his bet as high as possible and if he has a bad hand he will try to fold his hand as soon as possible. For more information about domino qiu qiu, please visit


Gambling or poker is all about strategies that you make or come up on your own. Make sure you get more strategies to go with your game and get the best chances of winning.

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