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Poker is largely played across the world in various forms. While some people prefer playing real money poker, many other prefer playing poker online. Online poker has become extremely popular these days, mainly because of the convenience, which it provides to the players.


However, since the popularisation of online poker, many players have accused it being rigged. When you play poker, you would want to have a fair game and in this, many cases have been reported complaining about the fraud in online poker games. In this blog, we will be discussing if online poker is actually fraud or not.

One major tip to follow

When playing online poker, make sure that you pick the most authentic and the most popular site. The more popular the site is, the less chances are there for it to be rigged. Many experts have advised this repeatedly so that people actually look for authentic sites. For more information, one can also check out the blogs written by these experts. They will usually have some recommendations of the online poker sites. Learn more about cara bermain casino.

What are the signs, which will tell the player that the game is fixed?

There are normally three signs –

  • The bad beats are happening constantly,
  • The players having the big ranked hands are snatching all the big deals,
  • If the player has weak hands, and still has big bankroll. This is leading to more wins for that person.


In order to avoid any rigged game, you can always make two different accounts and see if both of the accounts observe the signs. You can even notice the other players, while playing.

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